• Due to the COVID19 situation and the government's health alert, the following is taking place:
    • I prefer e-transfer payments over cash
    • I will only be able to demonstrate the guitars on video and leave it in front of my house for you to pick up when you arrive. We must keep a safe distance by not meeting in person.
    • Drop-offs within Toronto for $10 is still available upon arrangement and a $20 deposit
    • Please sanitize the guitars immediately after you pick up the guitars or leave them untouched for a minimum period of 72 hours.
  • My number is 647-838-1818. Text messaging is preferred.
  • Facebook Messenger is also a good way to contact me: http://m.me/darius.yang.guitar
  • Email for Interac e-transfer
    • darius.yang.guitar@gmail.com
  • Location:
  • I am a guitar teacher. I do not sell guitars with hidden issues. If there's anything wrong with it, you'd be told. In some cases, if I overlook any issues, I can exchange another guitar for you.
  • Here is a link to my Ontario teacher's license.
  • I can do repairs and set-up.
  • All prices are firm.

I often put together packages with amplifiers, cord, strap, strap locks and gigbags for buyers. Please see the following packages.

Bass Guitar Package - 1

Bass Guitar Package - 2 - Basic

Electric Guitar Package - 1

Electric Guitar Package - 2 Basic

$200 Yamaha (Pacifica) Eg112

(Deposit paid, sale pending)

It's another Yamaha EG112 Guitar. Classic Stratocaster design with SSH pickups. Rosewood fingerboard and maple neck.

Like every other Yamaha electric guitar, this one's body is made of solid wood.

Condition is 9.8/10

$90 COMO Acoustic Guitar - 3/4 Size

Made in Korea and has a new set of nylon strings on. It is at 3/4 size, not full size. The heel had some separation and I have glued it back using Titebond.

$140 Russian Balalaika

Very interesting folk instrument. Possibly Russian in origin but the craftmanship is made according to the traditional design of the instrument.

$150 LERO Classical Guitar

The bridge has been recently re-glued to secure it. It has new strings on and ready to go.

$220 Squier Strat - Sunburst - Left-Handed

For sale is a Squier Stratocaster made in China in 2016. Condition is fairly new as you can see. Strings will be installed properly instead of sticking out. Rosewood fretboard and maple neck.

$200 Jay Turser Stratocaster Copy - Electric Guitar - Vintage Series

Nicely lacquered maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The vintage tuners have a hole in the middle and string ends go inside instead of sticking out, something that I wish my own guitars all have.

Condition is quite good.

$240 Jackson Dinky 3/4 Electric Guitar

Jackson guitars are well-made. This is a smaller model great for younger players or players with smaller hands.

$150 Rocker Electric guitar

Condition is quite good. Pickups are SSH set-up. Maple fretboard and maple neck.

$150 GWL Stratocaster Electric Gutiar

Classic design with SSS pickups. GWL is George Washburn Limited, a reknown American guitar manufacturer.

$160 Behringer Electric Gutiar

Stratocaster style guitar. Behringer was founded by an American and he moved his operations and manufacturing to China. This guitar has SSS pickups, maple fretboard and neck. Condition is quite good, 10/10 in fact, and the sticker on the back is still intact. It has not been played much.

$200 Jay Turser Electric Guitar

Stratocaster style guitar with rosewood fretboard and maple neck. Tuners are Grover tuners! Jay Turser is an American guitar manufacturer and their guitars have not disappointed me.

$450 Stinger X21 Electric Guitar

Japanese guitar made from the late 1970’s. SS pickups and maple fretboard. It is in relatively good condition considering close to 50 years of age.

I may put it up on Reverb since the last one sold for $500 CAD

$200 Washburn WR120 Electric Guitar - Rocker Series

Electric guitar with HSH pickups. Washburn has been one of the major guitar manufacturers in the US. This guitar has 24 frets.

$200 Peavey Raptor Plus Electric Guitar

This guitar is in 10/10 condition. Pickups are SSH set-up and the guitar is a Stratocaster style guitar.

$180 Focus 111s By Kramer - Electric Guitar

Stratocaster style guitar with SSS pickup made by Kramer, a reknown guitar manufacturer. Rosewood fretboard and maple neck. Missing knobs will be replaced and the guitar will be fully inspected. Stickers on the back can be removed upon receiving a deposit or you can keep it the way it is :)

$180 Ibanez GIO Electric Guitar

It original has a white pickguard and the previous owner spray-painted it. It's the classic Stratocaster design with a humbucker bridge instead. The bridge is ususally beefier than other Stratocaster guitars.

$200 Squier classical guitar

Squier by Fender classical guitar. Condition is 10/10.

$200 Lero vintage electric gutiar

Made in Korea. All parts are intact and original.

Whammy bar is missing. Replacement is $6 on eBay.

$400 Shecter Electric Guitar

This guitar has a few cool features: through body strings, dual Humbuckers and 24 frets. Shecter guitars are usually regarded as fast-playing guitars.

$175 Peavey Raptor - EXP Electric Guitar

This is a Stratocaster style guitar with SSH pickups. The pickguard has signs of playing and this guitar has been played and loved.

$350 Vantage Avenger Electric Guitar - Made in Japan

My guess is that it was from the 1980s. Has maple fretboard and HS pickups.

One of the string ferrules is missing but string is holding fine. I've put on new strings and all parts are original and work well.

$220 Vantage Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Sunburst

Rosewood fingerboard. Classic stratocaster SSS pickups. Sunburst is one of the most classic finish. Model# is VKS-11/3SB.

It has 24 frets.

Condition is quite good.