Bass Guitar Package - 2

For many years, a lot of beginners or intermediate players purchase packages from me and I decided to put together this page to help guide you.

Q: Why don't I just simply buy a package from Amazon?

A: Some Amazon instruments are very cheap and aren't built to last, and quality is usually subpar at lower price points. You also may buy the wrong type of instruments online. Instruments aren't well adjusted when they are sold online and offers no maintenance.

Also note that many of the Amazon reviews are not done by experienced musicians.

Q: Some people sell things cheaper than you online. Why would I pay more for you?

A: There are many ways that second-hand instruments can go wrong. I buy them, service them, fix them before selling them. I have parts that do noes cost a lot to replace and skills from years of playing and fixing instruments.

Most of the instruments I sell are problem-free. If problem arises, I will fix them, exchange you a new one free of charge, or charge slightly more for a higher-level instrument of your liking. If your instrument has minor issues and does not reduce the playability, I will disclose it to you.

All instruments you buy from me have a 6-month warranty against any defects. If your instrument stops working for reason within the instrument itself, I will repair it or replace it for you.

The package includes

Items Cost for new items

Bass Guitar x 1 $ 259

1/8" Cable x 1 $ 10

Amplifier x 1 $ 100 +

Package Price: Cost of Bass + $ 90

*Some items are slightly different depending on stock availability

1) Bass Guitar:

  • Depending on stock availability, you will get a 4 string bass guitar
  • It could be the same or equivalent quality of a Squier (by Fender) Precision or Jazz Bass