Guitars SOLD

$700 Godin LG Dark Gold HB Electric Guitar

This guitar has mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard with 24 fret, mahogany body, two humbuckers pickups, vol/tone controls, 3-way switch, tune-o-matic bridge and through-body bridge. It's a beautiful guitar that plays very nicely.

$200 Typhoon bass

P/J pickups. The bass is nicely built and the red finish is nice.

$200 Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar - Natural

This guitar is sold for $199 USD new and the body is made of solid wood, not plywood. guitar plays nicely and I have set it up, cleaned the electronic components and made sure nothing is faulty.

Input jack plate has been replaced from plastic to metal.

$220 Squier Precision Bass in Red

Made in Indonesia in 2004 and it's in great condition. 

$175 Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar - PAC 112

This guitar is sold for $199 USD new and the body is made of solid wood, not plywood. The guitar plays nicely and I have set it up, cleaned the electronic components and made sure nothing is faulty.

$200 Yamaha P/J Bass - RBX360

For sale is a Yamaha bass with P and J pickup. It comes stock with volume-mix-tone controls.

It has been played and feels great. Sticker in the back can be removed easily. 

$200 Trumpet

Brand is "Selman". Has hard case and 2 mouth pieces

$100 Samick electric guitar

$150 Jay Turser electric guitar

$150 Epiphone DR-100 NA

Dreadnaught Guitar

$120 El Degas guitar

$150 Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

Vintage sunburst colour. Guitar was owned by a friend and has some minor scuffs

$200 Squier Jazz bass

In prestine condition. Made in China in 2007

$200 Red Squier Bass

Made in 2004 in Indonesia. Mint condition.

$200 Squier Precision Bass

For sale is a Squier Precision Bass made in Indonesia in 2004. It has been played and feels nice.

$80 Gilb classical guitar

$150 Vibra short scale bass

with original gigbag

$320 El Degas Banjo

5 String bluegrass banjo with bag

$300 Fender 5 String Banjo

$220 - Simon and Patrick folk acoustic guitar

Simon and Patrick acoustic guitar. Sound is good and guitar action is very nice after adjustment. Priced to sell. 

$200 Squier Precision Bass 

Squier Basses

Red - $200 - J bass neck with P bass body 

Black - $200 each - only one left

White - $180 - has a burn mark on the back

$180 Art & Lutherie Dreadnaught guitar

Restored guitar

$240 Jay Turser Bass

Nicely finished guitar and is in great condition! Had loose knobs and I tightened them.

$500 Martin DXM Dreadnaught guitar

Available for sale is a Martin DXM Dreadnaught guitar. Fretboard feels super perfect (just like every Martin guitar). Guitar has no major dings or scratches. 

$1000 - Martin OMC1E

This guitar has been discontinued because the stratabond neck has stopped being produced due to lack of supply.

Made in 2008. 9.5/10 condition

$150 Hand-made bass

$150 Epiphone Les Paul Speciall II

$180 GK Bass

Came with maple fretboard

$150 Squier Bronco bass

$200 Slammer by Hamer

$250 Fender 12 String Guitar

Found this in a guitar hunt. Plays well and also condition is impeccable.

$500 Epiphone ES-339 Pro

Got this guitar from helping a friend with money issue. This is very similar to the Epiphone Casino.

$250 - Canora hollow guitar

Not semi-hollow. Japanese made. Rare find. Sound is thick and rich. Bridge has been replaced with a new tunomatic bridge.

$250 Squier by Fender - Made in India

Sold it in less than 12 hours of getting it. Sold with bag, strap, strap locks, tuner and capo.

$200 - Squier Percision Bass - 2003 Made in Indonesia

Note the precision bass + jazz bass pickup.

$250 Epiphone 12-String Guitar

This guitar plays well and have very little wear. 

Boss Pedals. $50 each

$450 MIM Telecaster Blacktop

Pickups are humbuckers. 

$1600 Taylor 414CE Guitar + Case

This guitar hasn't been abused or taken outside the house. This guitar has some minor cosmetic wear from normal playing. Plays great and the sound is what Taylor guitars are supposed to sound like. Back and side are rosewood Fingerboard and bridge is African ebony Case is original. I 

$350 Epiphone Dot Studio - 2005

Epiphone semi-hollow guitars have been used by the Beatles. Sound is great. 

$200 Fender Squier Jazz bass

It's made in 2008 in Indonesia. 

$350 Epiphone Dot Studio - Cherry Red

Made in China

$300 5-String Fender Squier Bass

I have set up and intonated it. Installed locking strap locks by Schaller ($35 worth) 

$180 5-string bass guitar

Handmade bass guitar. No brand.

$550 Epiphone Casino

Yes. This Epiphone Casino is the model that the Beatles used! That's why they are quite a popular choice. All parts are original. Hardshell case is available at additional cost. 

$250 Shine 5-string Bass Guitar

Shine guitars are made by Saein Guitars who made guitars for Epiphone, Gibson and also Peavey's. This bass guitar has five strings.

 This guitar has been set up and intonated by myself and plays well without a buzz.

It has not been played and shiny as new. 

$250 Fender Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD60CE acoustic guitar with Fishman pickup. Guitar Case is extra for $50 

$400 Takamine Electric Acoustic Guitar

Very nice acoustic guitar. Front is stika spruce, back and side are rosewood. 

Fretboard is rosewood and bridge is ebony. It has a built-in original guitar pickup. String action has been set up professionally. 

$200 Classical Guitar Package for Beginner 

$400 firm - Ibanez by Artwood - all solid wood

The original owner left a sticker from when the guitar is new, indicating that this guitar is made of all solid wood.


Tuners are Grovers (one of the best tuners). Mother of pearl dots. No fret wear. 

There is a crack on the top and has been repaired. I wasn't gonna buy it, but the massive sound does sound unique. Will compare it with a Taylor 414ce when you try it.

Also installed Schaller strap locks on (worth $35). Will provide original strap buttons.

Price is firm. No haggling. This guitar is made of ALL SOLID WOOD, hence the higher price tag. I just want to thin out my collection a bit. 

$350 Cort Electric Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is made of all solid wood. None of those plywood was used.

Stika spruce top, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and mahogany side and back. It also has built-in Fishman pickup.

It has been set up by 12th Fret in Nov 2018 and I have the receipt for it. Original plastic saddle has been replaced with a bone saddle. 

$200 Epiphone Embassy Bass Guitar

$370 Epiphone ES335 Dot

This Epiphone Dot has all original parts. It has been recently set up.

Ibanez SGDR 5 String Bass

$150 Makala Baritone ukulele

$250 Yamaha 5 String Bass

$100 EKO Classical Guitar

$150 Denver classical guitar

$120 Bravo 3/4 Guitar

$200 Fender DG-60

Stickers are still on

$550 Epiphone EJ200 - Jumbo Guitar

This guitar is 699+tax new on Amazon. I got it from a friend who sells amazon returns. I have all original paperworks. Guitar still has its sticker on the pickguard.

Fender CF140S Nat Acoustic Guitar

Smaller size dreadnaught guitar

$100 Eterna by Yamaha - EC-15 - Classical Guitar

$230 Goya mandolin with original case

$120 Epiphone Les Paul Standard

$230 Rogue 5-String Bass

$200 Squier P-Bass

$150 Cort X2 electric guitar

PRS SE Custom

New condition. Previous owner never played guitar. 

$300 Squier Jaguar Bass

Short scale bass. Brand new and had original box

$150 MusicMaster Bass

Made in China

$300 Yamaha 221 Flute

With original purchase tag

$300 Epiphone Les Paul Package 1

Tobacco Burst

$170 Rocker Bass Guitar - Beginner Package

A friend of mine found this guitar in a storage container he bought. 

I gave it a set-up and it became much more playable. The guitar is very mint. Fretboard is made of rosewood and neck is made of maple. 

$200 Squier Precision Bass - Red - Made in Indonesia 2013

Owner got it as a birthday present and never played it.

$400 - Ibanez Concord Acoustic Model 698 Jamboree 

Condition is quite good from the 80's. Priced to sell. You don't have to shout out $3000 to buy a Gibson J200 to get the sound!

Bridge is tunomatic and can be raised to adjust action.

$300 Simon Patrick acoustic

Comes with built-in pickup. Dog does not come with the guitar

$170 Yamaha EG 112 C

Electric guitar. Mint condition and it is one of the guitars with best values

$200 Jay Turser - Stingray Bass - 4 Strings

Nicely worn Jay Turser bass. You can play a Stingray without breaking the bank

$500 Julio Giulietti A2 1960's Semi Hollow Body Guitar 

This is a piece of history. This guitar is made in Italy in the 1960s.

This guitar is intended for jazz with only the neck pickup. All parts are original. The back has some finish crack, normal for a guitar this age. There are all kinds of prices online, but I think an Epiphone Sheraton semi-hollow goes for about $500 and this is fair.

I teach and play classical and won't love it much. $500 or highest bidder gets this rare piece of guitar history.

$550 Fender Precision Bass - Made in Mexico 2007

Previous owner used it for home recording only and has very minor scratches on. Fretboard has been worn nicely but has no fret wear.

$275 Squier Jazz Bass 5 String

Previous owner used it for recording purposes only.

$220 Squier Precision Bass

Indonesian Year 2010. Prestine condition

$240 Ibanez GSR200 Bass

Active electronics. P/J pickup. Condition is 9.5/10

$220 Yamaha Pacifica EG112

Had an input jack with a plastic cover, and I replaced one with metal cover.

$100 Beaver Creek guitar

$170 GTX Bass

Came with a broken tuner and I fixed it and set it up.

$120 Denver Dreadnaught Guitar

$175 Squier Stratocaster

In very good condition. Previous owner is a student. Comes with tremolo bar

$200 Squier Precision Bass

Indonesian Year 2004

$150 Epiphone Les Paul Special II

In good condition. It's a Les Paul :)

$200 Behringer 120w Amplifier

Huge amplifier made for keyboard, but sounds better for guitar or bass.

$200 Squier Precision Bass

Indonesian Year 2004

$80 Fender Rumbble 15 Amplifier

$100 Samick electric guitar

$150 Jay Turser electric guitar

$150 Epiphone DR-100 NA

Dreadnaught Guitar

$350 Squier 5 String bass

Got this from a trade and it's brand new and beautiful.

$220 Squier Precision Bass - Natural 

The custom work done to the body is very unique and well done. You probably won't be able to find another one like this

$200 Deviser Precision Bass

Deviser is not a completely unknown brand. The company is based in Japan. The bass is practically brand new and still has the plastic wrap on the pickguard.

$200 Lero Banjo

Made in Korea. 5 String Banjo. Friend's grandpa had it in the basement for the longest time and was missing the bridge. I also replaced the tuners with modern bluegrass tuners

$300 Squier Stratocaster - Standard 2013 - Cherry Burst

This guitar has a deluxe tremolo bridge and was made in Indonesia in 2013. It's better in quality than the ones made in China or the "Affinity" series ones.

The back cover plastic is still on, meaning that it never got played too much. Front pickguard had some plastics on too but I removed them for clean look and playing. 

$80 Huntington Acoustic Guitar

Had a plastic bridge that didn't stick on too well. I replaced it with a rosewood bridge and put on new strings. However, the rosewood bridge has a gap, but it is not peeling away like before with wood glue.

$200 Jay Turser P/J Bass

Brand new in box and I threw away the box. Truss rod cover still has plastic on. Vol-Vol-Tone control.

It has 24 frets!

$220 Squier Jazz Bass

Made in Indonesia in 2013. Condition is quite new.

Bridge has been intonated already.

$240 Yamaha TRBX174

Tobacco burst Yamaha bass with 24 frets. Impeccable condition.

$220 Squier Jazz Bass

Made in China in 2005. Condition is 9/10. Plays very nice.

$175 Squier Strat

Made in China in 2010. Well worn and broken in. Fretboard feels nice.

Replaced a 5 way switch. Old one cut out at some spots and wasn't stable.