Sold in 2020

$75 Fender USA Guitar Case

$700 Fender Player series Jazz Bass Guitar (Mexico, 2018, Sonic Red) - Tag still on

Mexico-made Fender Jazz Bass with Pau-Ferro fretboard in Sonic Red finish.

Got this bass from a deal and it still has the tag on. You may trade it in with Long & McQuade for store credit because it was bought at one of their stores.

It's $879 + tax if bought new at the store.

$200 Vantage Bass in Sunburst

This is a vintage Vantage bass guitar. Tuners are Schaller licensed and all parts are original. It's vintage but not abused throughout the years.

I've intonated it and set it up properly. It's singing again.

$100 Red Classical Guitar

Had a bridge that cracked at the saddle. I replaced it with a new Indian rosewood bridge and the glue job is perfect

$170 Yamaha EG112 Electric Guitar

This is probably the 5th Pacifica I get this year. Great sound and it's a versatile instrument. These usually come with a plastic input jack plate and often break. I replaced it with a metal jack as per usual! The black mark is from strumming! This guitar has been well played!

Input jack plate has been replaced from plastic to metal, which is not prone to breaking and loosening.

$150 Washburn electric guitar

Bolt-on neck. Well-known brand. Has 24 frets

$200 Ibanez Bass with Humbuckers Pickup

Bass with humbuckers pickup. Maple neck, solid wood body.

$150 Ibanez GIO GX30

$150 Epiphone DR 100 Dreadnaught Guitar

Acoustic guitar. It still has the pickguard plastic cover and labels. I cleaned it, put new strings on and set it up.

$240 Squier Jazz Bass - Standard series

This is a standard series Squier Jazz Bass, not an affinity series, if that makes any difference. This bass has been played and feels great. It's made in Indonesia in 2010.

$200 BridgeCraft bass guitar

Precision Bass style. The body is very light. The blue finish is very stunning.

$200 Squier Precision Bass - black

Made in Indonesia in 2005.

$200 Squier Precision Bass in Red

It has signs of use but do not affect playability. I will include a set-up.

The input jack area has been "upgraded" to prevent the plastic pickguard from being warped from force of the output jack and cord.

$200 Peavey Bass Guitar

Peavey Bass guitar with two jazz bass style pickups

$220 Yamaha P/J Bass - RBX170

Yamaha bass with Precision and Jazz pickups. Control is Vol-Mix-Tone like other Yamaha PJ basses.

Body has some scratch marks, but neck feels very new. Control cover and output jack plate still have plastics on.

It has 24 frets!

$170 Nova bass

has signs of use. P/J pickup set-up.

Replaced a volume pot that was bad

$450 Giannini Classical Guitar

This guitar has Brazilian rosewood. Beautiful. Came with bad tuners and I replaced them. Re-glued the bridge and added 6 more holes to increase string break angles.

$250 Ibanez 5 String Bass

Ibanez GSR205 bass with 5 strings. It's a very sleek and well-designed bass.

$450 Schecter California Custom Jazz Bass - Diamond Series

This is an interesting find. A Schecter California Custom Jazz bass with EMG pickups. Body and neck has been lacquered. The heel is contoured to maximize comfort when playing higher frets.

Originally the input jack cuts out. I replaced one that works perfectly fine. It has been set up. It plays nicer than most of the Fender basses for the same money.

$650 Fender Precision Bass (Mexican, 1996)

All original Precision bass in brown, rare colour. Neck stamp dated in 1996, and body serial indicates that it is a 1978 American body!

Bass is in mint condition. Body is heavy, great for balanced feeling sitting down.

$200 El Degas Short Scale bass

Humbuckers noiseless pickup. Made in Korea.

$125 Denver Dreadnaught Guitar

The sticker on the pickguard is still on.

$160 Ibanez GIO GAX70

Electric guitar. Plastic is still on the back cover of the control cavity. Solidly built guitar with 2 humbuckers pickup and 2 volume 2 tone control.

$200 Barracuda Jazz Bass

It's quite indistinguishable from Squier bass and perhaps even better in quality. The condition is mint.

$190 Samick Bass Guitar

Model# YB410BK. This bass has been played. It has some chipping on the paint but does not affect playability.

The original electronics were replaced to eliminate some issues. Pots, wires and output jack are new. Pickups are original. It has no hum, no crackling noise when turning any pots and no signal loss when moving the output jack.

$130 Yamaha Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar

Model# F310. I have since put on new strings on it and oiled the fretboard. Size is dreadaught.

$220 Squier Precision Bass - Red

Made in 2005 in Indonesia.

$240 Jackson Electric Guitar

Model# JS22 Dinky. It's a very fast playing guitar and quite easy to bend strings. It was bought in March 2019. Comes with original paperwork, tools and even receipt from Steve's Music

$80 Segovia Acoustic Guitar

It has some damage as the bottom, hence the cheap price.

$250 Jay Turser SG Electric Guitar

Tuners are replaced with Grover Tuners. Pickup covers are original. Guitar has some signs of use but do not affect playability.

$100 Samick Acoustic Guitar

It has some dings and wear on it from the previous owner. I have since put on new strings on it and oiled the tuners.

$220 Squier Bass - Blue

Picture shows it darker but it is blue under more light.

$175 Yamaha EG112 Electric Guitar

Input jack plate has been replaced from plastic to metal, which is not prone to breaking and loosening.

$200 Epiphone Embassy Special IV Bass

Came without tuners, strings and a pot with a broken shaft. Tuners, strings and the pot are all new. 🤗

$75 Yorkville Bass Hard Case

This case is not moulded so it can fit all kinds of standard size basses. Got it from a deal and don't need it. Some ends of the vinyl may need to glued down but it's not abused over its life time.

$150 Peavey Raptor EXP

Plastic nut chipped and I put a bone nut in place. HSS pickup.

$150 Burswood Guitar

Flamed maple neck with rosewood fretboard. I fixed some of the fret sprout and it plays surprisingly nice compared to most of the Squiers I have played in the past. New strings have been installed on the guitar.

$250 Washburn 5 String Bass - Purple

Model number is XB125. Condition is new. It is actually purple and the pictures make it look more black.

$500 Epiphone ES-339 Pro - Semi-hollow Electric Guitar

Got this guitar from helping a friend with money issue, sold it and it came back to me.

This is very similar to the Epiphone Casino except that it is a semi-hollow guitar. Has Kluson tuners and binding, and the push-pull knobs for coil-splitting makes the "Pro" version. All parts are original,

Hard case is $50 extra. This guitar is at my College and Spadina location. Tell me ahead if you wish to view it at Yonge and Finch.

$90 Eleca Acoustic Guitar

Came with a guitar deal but I don't need it. The bridge came loose and I used wood glue to straightened it. I oiled the gears and put on new strings. Good for beginners.

$100 First Act Electric Guitar

Came with a guitar deal and is in very good condition. Strat style guitar with 3 single-coil pickups.

$220 Squier Precision Bass - Silver

Made in China in 2003. Closed tuners; black hardware.

$240 Jackson Electric Guitar

This guitar has a hard tail and strings through body. It's made in China and the guitar feels very fast. I have oiled the gears, fingerboard and put on new strings.

$220 Squier Jazz Bass - Black

Made in China in 2008. The owner didn't play it much and it appears to be quite pristine.

Has closed tuners and plays well.

$500 Rumble 200 V3 - 200w Bass Amp by Fender

For sale is a Fender Rumble 200 amplifier. This beast is 200w in output power with a 15" speaker. It has a footswitchable overdrive and various tone selections. You can lift this amp up with one arm, it's very light.

I personally have a Rumble 100 already and got this one from a deal. I have the manual and also the cover paper on. This amp is $650 + tax new at a store.

$120 Peavey Electric Guitar

Wolfgang headstock designed by Eddie Van Halen. Had a plastic output jack plate and I replaced it with a metal one.

$220 Yamaha PJ Bass Guitar - RBX270

This bass has the combo Precision-Jazz pickup and can make very versatile tones. It has a Vol-Mix-Tone control. The barrel output jack was bad and I carved out a bigger hole for a regular output jack.

These basses are very underrated and have great sounds.

It has 24 frets!

$200 Epiphone Precision Style Bass

Precision style bass. The bass is quite playable and the body has natural finish.

$125 Denver Dreadnaught Guitar - White

Denver dreadnaught guitar. I've put on new strings, straightened the neck and oiled the fretboard. The white look is quite cool - very Elvis!

$160 Behringer Electric Guitar

Maple fretboard with SSS pickups. The fret ends were very sharp and I took the time to file them off and sanded them down. The guitar plays nicely now.

$125 Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

It has some blemishes on the outside. Previous owner had a sticker and peeled it off. But these do not affect the playability. I usually sell this guitar for $150-160.

It sounds pretty good and plays well after I oiled the fretboard, oiled the tuner gears, changed strings and straightened the neck.

$180 Squier Bullet Strat Guitar - Teal Blue

Strat with a hardtail. Made in Indonesia in 2005.

It came without 2 of the 6 saddles and I put a new set on. Because of the new saddles, I had to intonate them and set up the guitar so the notes aren't out of wack. The neck feels broken in and I put on new D'Addario 10s on.

$180 Yamaha EG 121C

HSH pickup setting, solid wood body. Label on the guitar body can be removed upon request.

Input jack plate has been replaced from plastic to metal, which is not prone to breaking and loosening.

$170 Rocker Bass Guitar

Fretboard is made of rosewood and neck is made of maple. A decent bass for beginners.

$120 Ion Electric Guitar

Classic sunburst finish and strat shape guitar.

$150 Cort - Earth 150 Acoustic Guitar

Came in with older strings and replaced them. This guitar is very playable

$75 Les Paul Guitar Case by Yorkville (S&C)

Yorkville brand is owned and sold by Long and McQuade. Currently a Les Paul Junior lives inside.

$200 Silvertone Precision Style bass

The body has some dings but do not affect playability. Originally missing knobs and output jack nut

I have put all the missing parts back on and also intonated the bass. It's singing again.

$350 Epiphone SG - G310B

Made in the Samick factory in Korea. All parts are original. It has been loved. Condition is quite mint.

$200 Hartke Bass Guitar

Hartke is known for manufacturing amplifiers. This bass is nicely built. The bottom strap button was over tightened and caused a crack. I've added some glue to strengthen it. It doesn't affect playability. I also had to replace a broken pot and missing knob.

$180 Jay Turser Electric Guitar

Stratocaster copy. The neck is nicely lacquered and I fixed a lot of fret sprout. The guitar plays and sounds nice. New strings have been installed on the guitar.

$280 Yamaha BB300 Bass Guitar

The Yamaha BB300 is a classic deluxe bass guitar. If you Google "BB300", you'd see the rich history and positive reviews.

$240 Ibanez GSR200 Bass

Short scale bass. Active electronics. P/J pickup. Control is Master Vol - EQ (High) - EQ (Low) - Tone.

I replaced 2 bad pots and put a set of 4 new knobs on it. Condition is 9.5/10.

$200 Harmony Short Scale Bass

Precision style humbuckers pickup. All original parts.

Headstock had a grain crack and glue job has been done. It's not moving and won't be doing so in the future.

$220 Fernandes Bass Guitar

Fernandes is not unknown and has been making good instruments for decades. Strings are new. Pots are all full-sized alpha pots.

$100 Academy guitar

Stratocaster style gutar. Great for beginners

$120 Peavey Raptor guitar

For sale is this restored Peavey Raptor guitar. I was going to to post it for $100, but the locking tuners is well worth over $20.

Original owner used it as a project guitar and I put back everything in the original places.

Headstock is the Wolfgang design. It's nice to see t at the solid wood grain is used, shown in the exposed wood part.

$200 Ibanez GIO electric guitar

Nice rosewood fingerboard with SSH setup. Back-loading guitar setup rather than the usual front-loading design. Bridge is a whammy bridge.

$180 Epiphone Les Paul Junior

Made in China in 2014. It's a Les Paul standard without the neck pickup. Great guitar and sound quite nice.

Condition is 9.5/10

$180 Jay Turser Electric Guitar

Stratocaster copy. The neck is nicely lacquered and I fixed a lot of fret sprout. The guitar plays and sounds nice. New strings have been installed on the guitar.

$130 Barracuda Stratocaster Copy

Barracuda is a common brand of guitars or basses at beginner prices. Their guitars are built quite nicely. This one came with some input jack issue but plays quite well.

$220 Jay Turser Precision Bass - Sunburst

Great sunburst with vintage classic vibe and the Precision-Jazz pickups offer a variety of sounds. Fingerboard is made of rosewood and neck is maple.

$250 Kirk Hammett Signature Student Series Strat Electric Guitar

Maple fretboard. Great for Metallica fans.

$200 Squier Precision Bass in Black

Lowered from $200 if anyone wants to buy a bass from me now. I've sold out all but this bass and the $700 Fender Jazz bass.

The back of the neck has a hairline grain crack. Should be an easy job to glue and fill, but the store that sells filler is closed due to the health crisis.

$80 Jumbo Guitar Case

Can house a jumbo, 0M or Dreadnaught guitar shapes. Made by Yorkville, a brand owned by Long & McQuade. New one would be $120+tax

$150 Eros Classical Guitar

Spruce top classical guitar. Will come with new strings on.

Made in Japan!

$225 Yamaha FG-330 Acoustic Guitar

Will come with new strings and oiled fingerboard. 0M sized body, slightly smaller than dreadnaughts and have great mid-range sound.

$200 Oscar Schmidt Electric Bass

Precision bass guitar copy. Neck is maple and fretboard is rosewood.

Sticker is removable.

$120 Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

This guitar has been painted on with black paint. New strings are installed and rosewood bridge and fretboard are oiled. Pickguard is an interesting piece of wood.

$120 First Act Electric Guitar

Fretboard is rosewood. Has 1 humbuckers pickup at the bridge. Condition is quite good. The sticker is removeable.

$80 Sovreign Acoustic Guitar

Child size guitar

$200 Samick - Malibu - Greg Bennett Design

Body is heavy. SSS Stratocaster Design. Note the dot inlays the rosewood fretboard.

$200 Jay Turser - Les Paul Electric Guitar - Left Handed - Cherry Burst

Rosewood fingerboard with bound. Classic Les Paul design with Vol-Tone/Vol-Tone controls.

$180 Rocker Electric Bass

Great beginner bass. Neck is maple and fretboard is rosewood.

$120 Academy Electric Guitar

Stratocaster style guitar. Made in China. Body is quite light.

$200 Vantage Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Black

Rosewood fingerboard. Classic stratocaster SSS pickups. The black on the headstock is nicely done and unique. Condition is quite good.

$200 Ibanez GIO - SSH Stratocaster

SSH pickups. The bridge is quite beefy. Ibanez guitars always play nicely.

$200 Winex Precision Bass

Classic Precision bass set-up

$150 Lyon Electric Guitar

Stratocaster-style electric guitar with closed gear tuners. The sunburst finish is very nice. Pickups are single coil pickups.

$200 Oscar-Schmidt Precision Bass

Sold immediately

$200 Emperador Acoustic Guitar

Cort (Korean guitar brand) makes these guitars. These guitars are generally well-received and built nicely. This shape is the dreadnaught shape and projects mid and low range frequencies quite well.

The guitar will come with new strings.

$220 Peavey Millennium BXP Electric Bass

Peavey bass shape with Jazz Bass pickups. Fretboard is rosewood. Vol-Vol-Tone controls.

$180 Traynor Bloc80B Bass Amp

Traynor bass amplifier with 80w of power. The amplifier is worn possibly because previous owner used it outside the home quite a bit. It works fine and sounds great. Message for the video I recorded. Traynor is owned by Yorkville. For $180, it's a steal.

$250 Squier Precision Bass - Standard - Prestine Condition - White

Made in Indonesia in 2010. Note that the new ones all say "P-Bass" instead of "Precision Bass". Pickguard is 3-ply. Condition is prestine.

$200 Washburn X-series

SSH pickup with 5 way switch. Fretboard is rosewood. It has 24 frets for those who aspire to be shredders.

$220 Ibanez Micro Bass - Short Scale

Ibanez basses are generally quite comfortable to play. This is a 3/4 short scale bass for younger players who those who prefer smaller fret lengths.

This bass has a P/J (precision + jazz) pick up nad offers a variety of sound.

$200 Squier Strat - Made in Indonesia

SSH Stratocaster that was made in Indonesia. Indonesian ones are generally better than ones made in China. This one has a 3-ply pickguard.

Came with really rusty frets and I cleaned all of them and oiled the rosewood. It plays nicely now.

$250 Ibanez GIO Soundgear - 5 String Bass

This bass has a humbucker pickup and 5 strings - an added low B string to the traditional 4 string setting. A lot of you may not know this: I started on an Ibanez 5-String bass. It offers more choices when it comes to fingering, scales and range.

$220 Jay Turser Electric Guitar - Transparent Blue

Model number is AMS-JT-300QMT-TBL. This guitar's finish is very very nice. Has solden hardware and SSS pickups.

$220 Washburn XB120 Electric Bass

Fretboard is rosewood. Classic Jazz Bass body shape and pickups.

Body has some chipping that will be glued and sanded.s

$180 Squier Strat Electric Guitar

Made in China Stratocaster guitar. Classic original design by Leo Fender with SSS pickups. It is the most popular guitar design of all time.

$130 Stage Electric Guitar - 3/4 Size

Stratocaster style electric guitar with SH pickups. Fretboard is not rosewood (other woods used to be stained like it) and neck is maple. 3/4 sized guitar for younger players or players with smaller hands.

$220 Peavey Milestone EXP Bass

This bass has 2 single coil pick ups in the jazz bass style. Controls are Vol-Vol-Tone. Condition is quite good considering that the stickers on the back are still intact.

$175 Montana Acoustic Guitar

Side and back has signs of wear but the guitar is in playable condition. This shape is the dreadnaught shape and projects mid and low range frequencies quite well.

The guitar will come with new strings.

$350 Cort NTL20 Acoustic Guitar

Natural spruce top with mahogany back & sides. Tuners are Grover tuners (worth over $100 new for a set).

Can add a built-in pickup for extra cost.

$250 Jackson Dinky Archtop 7-String Guitar

Jackson guitars is owned by Fender and they are known to be fast-playing guitars.

Note that all hardwares are original but the tuning and control knobs show signs of wear.

$200 Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

Will oil the rosewood fretboard and bridge. This guitar is a dreadnaught guitar size. Some wear on the edges but don't affect its playability.

$325 Epiphone SG Bass Guitar - Short Scale

This bass is in the Gibson SG guitar shape with a humbucker pickup. It is a short scale bass and is comfortable on smaller hands or younger players.

The condition is 9.5/10.

$180 Squier Strat Electric Guitar

Made in China Stratocaster guitar. Classic original design by Leo Fender with SSS pickups. It is the most popular guitar design of all time.

$200 Vantage SSH Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Vantage guitars have not disappointed me at all. This is a guitar with Tobacco burst finish with matching headstock. The tunning machines are vintage style.

$220 Yamaha Pacifica (Left handed)

$180 Epiphone 12 String Guitar

Found it in guitar hunting. Guitar is in good condition and neck is straight.

Was $250 and due to a separation at where the heel meets the body, I lowered the price. Its sound is big and bright.

Rosewood fretboard and maple neck. Nut is bone. Pickups are SSH. Pacifica guitars' bodies are all made of solid wood.

Guitar will be cleaned and new strings will be installed.

$170 Stratocaster Copy with Fender Decal

This is not a guitar produced by Fender. Someone put a decal (sticker) on it.

Maple fretboard. Condition is quite new. Would be a nice guitar to play.

Fretboard near 15th fret has a small hole. It does not affect playability.

$130 Denver Acoustic Guitar

Denver acoustic guitar in OM size. Sounds bright and plays well. It still has the original box.

$300 Fender DG15 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar - Made in Korea

This guitar has beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge. I wondered why it looks so nice compared to other Fender acoustic guitars until I saw that it is made in Korea.

$200 Yamaha (Pacifica) Eg112

It's another Yamaha EG112 Guitar. Classic Stratocaster design with SSH pickups. Rosewood fingerboard and maple neck.

Like every other Yamaha electric guitar, this one's body is made of solid wood.

Condition is 9.8/10