$100 Guitars

$100 Jay Turser Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar - Transparent Blue

This guitar has some sign of wear but is playable. Fretboard is rosewood but bridge is not. The bridge has been re-glued by me usng proper wood glue.

There is an option to install a pickup on an acoustic guitar for $70, parts and labour included. Fitted hardcase is available at additional cost.

$100 Encore 1/2 Guitar

Encore acoustic guitar made in Romania. Neck is mahogany. The guitar uses nylon strings. Good for a younger beginner under 8 years old or someone who is looking for a guitar to take to the beaches.

$80 GK Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar - Has an issue

This guitar is generally in a good condition aesthetically, however, the neck has separated from the body and needs a neck reset. It would still play, but as a pro seller, I would not give you a warranty for it as a functioning guitar.

$100 COMO Acoustic Guitar - 3/4 Size

Made in Korea and has a new set of nylon strings on. It is at 3/4 size, not full size. The heel had some separation and I have glued it back using Titebond.

$100 Torino 1/2 Size Acoustic Guitar

This guitar has open tuner, spruce top and steel strings. Suitable for younger beginners or someone who wants a guitar to take to the beach.

$100 "Vintage" Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is slightly smaller than OM size. The front has a grain crack that I will use cleats to reinforce. Both fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood. This guitar's brand is "vintage" but it isn't old.

$100 Disney Electric 3/4 Guitar

An interesting find. It's a 3/4 guitar with 2 humbuckers pickup and vol-tone-vol-tone controls. Fretboard is rosewood with stars inlays and neck is maple. The headstock has some chipping. Missing strings will be installed upon purchase.